The importance of doing due diligence

Due diligence is not just for buying properties. If you are planning on sending your hazardous wastes to a commercial facility (TSDF), you ought to do some basic due diligence to determine your liability and minimize it. Here are some very simple things you can do:

Go to EPA’s website and look up the facility’s compliance history (ECHO on EPA’s website)
Ask for an audit report from the facility
Search the facility in the state agency’s website
Visit the facility to check its housekeeping

If you need more details about the facility, you can always retain outside consultants to audit the facility.

You want to find a facility that has the LEAST chance of becoming a Superfund site. Superfund law carries joint and several liability. If you ship wastes to a Superfund site, you will be held liable for the entire cleanup costs of the site together with everyone else who ship wastes to that site.

More about this in my
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