Common fallacies re agency inspections

There are some common fallacies out there concerning how to mange agency inspections. Here area a few of them:
Ask the inspector for a copy of compliant against your facility. If the inspector shows up as a result of complaints filed against your facility, you can ask about the nature of the compliant. But the inspector will not likely give you the names of the people who filed complaints against you - especially if they are your employees.
Restrict inspector's scope of inspection. An inspector will not allow you to restrict his movement at your facility. If he is doing a general environmental or safety inspection, he has a wide scope as long as the inspection pertains to environmental or safety issues. It is not like a search warrant where the government is restricted to the scope of the search warrant.
Stop the inspector from tape recording conversations. If you try that with an OSHA inspector, it could be considered as "refusal of entry", according to OSHA's Field Operations Manual. OSHA inspector has the right to tape conversations, take photos and videotape the inspection.