Is groundwater considered navigabel water?

You have to prepared a SPCC plan if you have more than 1320 gallons in shell capacity AND the potential to impact navigable waters of the United States.Many people ask the question" "Is groundwater included in the definition of navigable waters under the Spill Prevention Control Countermeasures regulation?"

The short answer is NO.

However, keep in mind that groundwater could act as a conduit for spilled oil to reach navigable waters of the U.S. Here is what EPA stated in its SPCC Inspection Guide: Facilities should consider "certain underground features (e.g., power or cable lines, or groundwater), (that) could facilitate the transport of discharged oil off-site to navigable waters." 

EPA extened SPCC deadlines for farms

On October 18, 2011, EPA published a direct final rule that extended the compliance date by which farms must prepare or amend and implement their SPCC Plans to May 10, 2013.  For the purposes of SPCC, a farm is defined as a facility on a tract of land devoted to the production of crops or raising of animals, including fish, which produced and sold, or normally would have produced and sold, $1,000 or more of agricultural products during a year (40 CFR Section 112.2).  EPA is not extending the compliance date for any other facilities as other facilities are not season-dependent and are less likely to be impacted by severe weather conditions.