Environmental Compliance and Management Audits

We do both compliance and management audits.

For compliance audits, we come to your facility and evaluate the status of your compliance with applicable federal, state and local environmental regulations. We will identify for you (by way of verbal briefing) areas that need improvement and recommend practical steps to ensure future compliance. All evaluations will be performed
without written documentation unless you or your legal counsel request it.

A compliance audit involves review of past and current documents and records. It tells you wether you are in compliance on the day the audit is done. It is essentially a snap shot of your compliance status. It answers the question: "Is anything wrong today?". We have an
audit package for hazardous waste generators.

An environmental management audit involves extensive interviews with plant and management personnel. It answers the question: "If something goes wrong tomorrow or next month, will the plant be able to handle it?" It goes far beyond mere compliance.

A compliance audit is like an annual physical examination. It tells you if you are in good environmental health on the day the audit is done. A management audit is like having an evaluation of your lifestyle. It predicts your future environmental health.

Watch a

short video of Norman Wei describing the two types of environmental audit.

Key Benefits to You

You can correct a minor environmental problem before it becomes too costly.

You can reduce your environmental liability.

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