Environmental Turnkey Support

We assist you in applying for permits or dealing with compliance issues concerning your permits. We have assisted many corporate clients in obtaining air permits. Specifically, we have helped our clients get out of Title V air permits and into synthetic minor permits.

A Few Words about our Fee structure

We provide turnkey consulting services to corporate clients. We generally do not bill by the hours. What we offer is a retainer agreement under which we provide specific services for you in exchange for a monthly retainer fee.

Below are the services that are provided in a typical consulting retainer agreement with us:

  1. Prepare or assist in the preparation of all legally required environmental forms and submissions.
  2. Provide technical advice by phone or email on any environmental issues including plant expansion or closures.
  3. Prepare or assist in the renewal of environmental permits.
  4. Represent the interests of Client before environmental agencies with respect to permit applications.
  5. Represent the interests of Client and/or provide assistance and advice on any penalty negotiations with regulatory agencies.
  6. Provides general advice on other environmental issues at the corporate and plant levels as requested.
  7. Be available for consultation by phone or email 24/7

email or call us at 360-490-6828 if you have any questions.