Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Various institutions and professional licensing bodies have different requirements for Continuing Education. For example, each state bar has its own CLE (continuing legal education) requirements for its attorneys. The same with each state insurance commissioners for insurance agents.

We now have CEU and CLE final approval before the following bodies:

California State Bar (provider #15672) for 13 MCLE hours
Florida State Bar (approval # 82850) for 15.5 CLER credits
Missouri Sate Bar approved.
Vermont State Bar approved (13.0 CLE hours)
South Carolina Supreme Court (12.92 CLE hours)
Tennessee State Bar (approval # 096741 for 13.0 CLE hours)
Nevada State Bar (13.0 CLE hours)
Indiana State Supreme Court (13 CLE hours)
Mississippi State Bar (13 CLE hours)
Georgia Insurance Commissioner (approval #38829 for 13 CE hours)
Virginia State Bar
The American Board of Industrial Hygiene for 2.34 Certification Maintenance points.

Approvals are pending before the following bodies:

New Jersey Department of Insurance
California Department of Insurance.
Georgia State Bar
Iowa State Bar
Maine State Bar
North Carolina State Bar
Wisconsin State Bar

If your licensing body is not listed here, give us a call at 360-490-6828 or
email us. We will work with you to obtain your CEU with the licensing body.