Environmental Consulting Services

We offer three types of consulting services to companies:

Compliance and management audits

We help you determine your environmental compliance status and evaluate your Environmental Management System. This can often be done in a couple of days. We would come to your facility and review your documents and provide you with an independent assessment of your compliance status. All of our auditing services can be conducted through attorney-client privilege at the direction of your in-house legal counsel if you wish.

A compliance audit involves review of past and current documents and records. It tells you if you are in compliance on the day the audit is done. It is essentially a snap shot of your compliance status. It answers the question: "Is anything wrong today?".

An environmental management audit involves extensive interviews with plant and management personnel. It answers the question: "If something goes wrong tomorrow or next month, will the plant be able to handle it?" It goes far beyond mere compliance.

A compliance audit is like an annual physical examination. It tells you if you are in good environmental health on the day the audit is done. A management audit is like having an evaluation of your lifestyle. It predicts your future environmental health.

Corporate environmental audits can be a very effective management tool to identify emerging environmental compliance issues if used properly. They should never be viewed by management as an "examination" that needs to be passed.

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Corporate Environmental Audits.

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Litigation support and penalty negotiation.

We assist you and your attorneys in litigation support. We also work with law firms to support their environmental cases.
We can help your attorneys in reviewing technical documents and crafting strategies. Our Principal - Norman Wei - has worked extensively with corporate attorneys and outside counsels on numerous environmental cases.

Turnkey environmental support.

We act as your environmental manager under a retainer agreement and handle all your environmental issues including permit applications and report filings. We assist you in applying for permits or dealing with compliance issues concerning your permits. We have assisted many corporate clients in obtaining air permits. Specifically, we have helped our clients get out of Title V air permits and into synthetic minor permits resulting in significant cost savings and reduction in environmental liabilities.

We generally do not bill by the hours. What we offer is a retainer agreement under which we provide specific services for you in exchange for a monthly retainer fee.

Below are the services that are provided in a typical consulting retainer agreement with us:

  1. Prepare or assist in the preparation of all legally required environmental forms and submissions.
  2. Provide technical advice by phone or email on any environmental issues including plant expansion or closures.
  3. Prepare or assist in the renewal of environmental permits.
  4. Represent your interests before environmental agencies with respect to permit applications.
  5. Represent your interests and/or provide assistance and advice on any penalty negotiations with regulatory agencies.
  6. Provides general advice on other environmental issues at the corporate and plant levels as requested.
  7. Available to you for consultation by phone or email.

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