Our Principal Instructor is Norman Wei.


He has over 40 years of experience as a corporate environmental manager and consultant. He brings to his seminars
practical experience and real-world insights.

From 1989 to 1997, he was the senior corporate environmental manager for Star-Kist Foods Inc. (then a subsidiary of the H.J. Heinz Company) with compliance responsibility for 15 manufacturing facilities worldwide. He has in-depth hands-on experience with all the environmental regulations covered in his seminars: Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, and Superfund.

In the 1980s, he worked for several major environmental consulting firms in Canada, U.S. and the Middle East. 

In the 1970s, Norman Wei served on the environmental staff of the U.S.-Canada International Joint Commission.

Norman Wei holds a Masters Degree in Civil/Environmental Engineering from the University of Toronto. He is a member of the Advisory Board for
Business and Legal Report as well as Pollution Engineering. He is a regular contributing editor for Pollution Engineering and has also written numerous articles for Business and Legal Report. He also writes his own environmental blog.

If you would like to speak to Norman,
email him or call him at 1-360-490-6828.

Over 2000 environmental professionals have attended Norman’s seminars. Here is what our seminar attendees say about Norman Wei and his seminars:

"I've been to a couple seminars and I am very surprised with this one. I did not expect this seminar ro be so helpful. Norman is very knowledgable. The entire seminar was great (useful)." Andy Thoummaraj, Shepard Bros Inc.

"Instructor was very knowledgeable, very personable and clearly understood. We will be contacting Norman in the future for additional training." Gary Runnels, Sulzer.

"Well presented. Instructor was very knowledgeable about environmental issues in government and private industry....Good real-life war stories from instructor's experience to illustrate points". Special Agent Franciotti, Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS).

"I feel the seminar was very informative and the instructor was very knowledgeable of all topics." Tommy Coffey, PMCLP.

"Very informative and entertaining." Stephen Riedel, Crane Aerospace.

"This is a really excellent seminar for beginners or anyone who needs a refresher course. And the CD-ROM is worth the price of admission all by itself. ....The witty and intelligent presentation style with abundant use of hyperbole and colloquialism is extremely effective....This presenter is very entertaining in a subject matter area that could have been tedious.....The presenter's use of colorful slides, interspersed with video clips is a very good mix of media". Senior Corporate Legal Counsel.

"This course gives a great comprehensive overview of environmental regulations compliance which is very helpful for a complete picture when most of us handle specific areas of environmental law. It was practical as promised." Assistant District Attorney in Orange County, California.

"Fantastic - very informative, interesting, humorous and overall the best I have attended - thank you." California attorney.

"I appreciated learning about the material from an enforcement/agency standpoint." Corporate environmental auditor.

"I particularly like this seminar because I get a complete overview of all Federal Regulations - rather than having to attend 4 or 5 mini seminars to get the same information. Norman Wei is a very knowledgable instructor and I particular like the fact that he has worked in industry and has actual knowledge of how to best handle inspections, etc."

"Usually when a presenter uses PowerPoint, they tend to use it as their presentation. Mr. Wei used it to supplement his presentation as an aid. It tends to keep the audience more engaged and interested in the presentation." Special Agent A. Blaurock, Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS).

"Very easy to understand. Really liked instructor's approach to explaining regulations in everyday language. Also loved the examples and stories because it helps to relate what the regulations translate into everyday occurances. Very excited to have the environmental Compliance Tools CD. One of the best classes I've been to in a long time. You kept me interested and thinking." C. Mullally, corporate auditor Southern California Edison.

"The instructor's previous experience in working with regulations and regulators make this course a very informative one and provides useful ideas on how to implement the regulations."
C. Anderson, Warren Distribution.

"Norman is excellent! Very knowledgeable and "real world" information and facts is appreciated. I have learned a lot!".
R. M. LaProto, MITEQ, Inc.

"Seminar was well tailored and information meets necessary material to aid an EHS person address job requirements". W. Harrell, GE.

"I like the way that real life examples were used to illustrate how the regulations should be interpreted and how EPA penalties can be imposed."
C. French, ATC Associates. 

"Norman Wei has the requisite knowledge and the ability to present - a powerful combination for training hungry environmental professionals. This is a great course to take."
B. Peterson, Smith International. 

"Excellent class. I enjoyed all 2 days. It was very informative. A good reference tool for my day-to-day job duties in studying the regulations on environmental issues."
N. Scott, Naval Aviation Depot. 

"I would like to comment on the handouts, CD and diskettes that Mr. Wei handed out. These items will be great tools and will be easy to access through my computer. It is so nice that he went the extra mile for us. This is a confusing business and the more information that we have the easier it is to understand our various needs and responsibilities etc."
R. Cummings, Yates Petroleum. 

"Very informative and practical approaches presented. The instructor presented the facts well to identify the pitfalls and how to prevent them, and what needs to be done to get a full picture of environmental issues at the facility."
C. Pepler. Foss Manufacturing.

"Excellent review/refresher. I really appreciated the incorporation of OSHA relations where applicable.”
P. Borchmann, SSI Technologies. 

"Very knowledgeable instructor/good presenter. Great seminar for EPA background and enforcement."
R. Williams. Team Industrial Service.

"A very useful and well organized seminar that will keep you up-to-date in environmental laws and regulations and compliance."
A. Rivera, Puerto Rico Industrial Development Corporation. 

"They're good environmental overview and review. I'm going to recommend this course to my co-workers as a good CHMM review. "
L. Nelson, Space Gateway Support. 

"Excellent overview of up-to-date information. Great presentation style - no time wasted on student groups trying to solve complicated case studies. This is my kind of courses." 

"I've only been doing environmental for just over a year. This helped me get a lot of useful information to use on an ongoing process to make my job easier."
R. Male, Louisiana Pacific. 

"Norman presented all of the information very well. His knowledge for this subject is infinite. I learned a lot and I am looking forward to using this information back at work."
S. Hudson. Spectra Lux Corp.

"Seminar was well put together and very informative. I learned a lot and have a clearer picture of RCRA, TSCA, CERCLA, etc."
J. Paradiso. MITEQ, Inc.

"Mr. Wei is very knowledgeable in environmental laws and regulations. He also makes it very easy to follow the laws by explaining them in simple English instead of lawyer jargon." D. Martin - United Coatings.

"Norman provides a very thorough overview of many confusing issues. He is able to break everything down and make environmental regulations easier to understand." - L. Jarmuz, Bay View Industries.

"Impressed with instructor's knowledge in a wide variety of topics." Roberta Reed, 3M Company.

"Comprehensive and informative and well organized" Dr. Wei Chen, Prime wheel.

"Mr. Wei is obviously an expert in all areas of environmental topics. He is an outstanding speaker and instructor. I have learned a tremendous amount and gained quite a bit of knowledge." R. Goldman - DOT.

"Seminar was one of the better presentations that I have attended. It was informative and right on with the big issues that companies face today. I highly recommend this training for the novice or experienced environmental professional." Paul Ryburn, ATI Wah Chang.

"A lot of really good examples for each item covered. This really helped me relate to some of the topics". D. Reed, Maryland National Guard.

"Instructor was great - did a good job in covering a lot of info! Best seminar I have. Thiis 2-day seminar will definitely help me perform my job as my plant's environmental manager". M. Boslet, Niagara Generation.

"Norman is very knowledgeable with a lot of hands on experience that he shares with the class – making it easier for the class to understand the regulations.”
I. Hrycyk, Meyercord Revenue Inc.

"Thanks. I appreciate real examples that are applicable to actual situations." R.Francom, US Magnesium.

"Norman is excellent. I enjoyed his presentation." C. Buril, Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA.

"Great presentation on a variety of information. Very good balance between slides and video presentations. Current information ad examples made the presentation very relative!" J. Carlile, Southern California Edison.

"The best updated information I've had in all my years of training. Great job!!" S. Lewis, PCE San Diego.

"Norman did a beautiful job. Very knowledgeable. This course was very valuable to me and covered everything I was looking for. Everything presented was easily understandable." T. Jones. Northwest Natural gas.